Say No To Bad Things

by Lanterns

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The caffeine in my tea is giving me anxiety But I’ll keep drinking till I shake Look out the window and it’s making me uneasy Whenever I’m on the train I took an iron pill before I left today, But i’m so tired and it’s something I can’t shake And I’m getting sick of how I feel, every day and I’m getting sick of what I know about this place I wanna go somewhere. Don’t wanna disappear. Poetry runs through the lines on your hands But we don’t appreciate it Everyone ball has dropped at some point Though we’re too scared to admit And when I close my eyes I see nothing but dark Some people understand things I don’t get at all And I’m getting sick of how I feel, every day and I’m getting sick of what I know about this place I wanna go somewhere. Don’t wanna disappear. I don’t care if I’m lonely I don’t care if I’m lost I don’t care if you love me In any way that you want People throw around words too much And they don’t mean anything So if you’re going to use up your words You should use them on me
The Tide 04:10
As hard as we try, we never succeed We're just like the tide, we do what we need As hard as the rain, as soft as the snow With nowhere to go When you're hurt you bleed Scratches on your knees Kisses on your cheeks As long as your heart beats You know it doesn't have to beat for me How does it feel to be left behind To be walked over again I found the good in hurting others And I never wanted to feel it again So I hope you had fun Cos I'm not waiting around for you You have taught me not to love for free Cos no one wanted me As harsh as it seems It makes sense to be invisible
Angry Boy 03:31
It was your birthday and he never came home He told you not to blame yourself but you put life on hold Did it occur to you that it was maybe your fault? The screen of your life turning black while the cameras still roll Through a crack in the wall I hear them talking Through a crack in my heart I hear them fighting about nothing I don't really know them but i know that That he's not coming home
Gabriel 04:15
It's dark, I can't find my bed These lights are hurting my head Stay away from me now I don't want to fight with you It's cold, you're shaking your hips These words are leaving your lips What are you saying I don't understand You're on a different planet And time is never the answer Gabriel, tell me what am I supposed to do When the sinners and the saints form as one Gabriel, tell me how am I supposed to choose I promise i'll be good, be a humble servant to you I'm pretty sure worse has happened If not worse, then pretty close Don't wanna fix it Cos I know that there is no point You have my heart in a box On the other side of the ocean There's nothing I can do, I must find it When time has taken it's toll Will you give that box back You don't need me anymore
Maybe 02:53


released June 15, 2014


all rights reserved



Lanterns Melbourne, Australia

With emotional lyrics that beautifully tumble across indie pop, guitar driven, alt folk, Lanterns have been building quite a name for themselves over the last two years.
Playing countless shows through out Melbourne’s live music circuit, they have swept up audiences, becoming the favoured act of many of their gigging peers.
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